World's Most Superior Hydration Vessel

PureMax 4D

Introducing 4D Purification®

World's First 4D Purification

PureMax 4D uses 2X 20mW UV-C LEDs and a proprietary blend of coconut charcoal + ion-exchange resin in a filter cartridge system to super cleanse H20.

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WAATR PureMax 4D

Tons of tech behind every sip of water.

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Filter Cartridges

Proprietary blend of coconut charcoal and ion-exchange resin
reduces particulates, chemicals and metal contaminants.

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The Science Behind
4D Purification®

Powered by cutting-edge 4D Purification™ technology that first treats your water by destroying bio-contaminants using two powerful UV-C LEDs. These UV-C LEDs are intelligently placed in side the cap to achieve 1000000X purification by minimizes the shadow effect caused by microscopic contaminants. Second a state-of-the-art multistage filter cartridge system further purifies your water by removing various chemical, metal, particulate, and micro-plastic impurities.

Powerful Double UV-C LEDs

100X better performence than any other UV bottle on the market.

State-of-the-art Filtration System

Uses a proprietary blend of coconut charcoal + ion-exchange resin cartridges to capture particulate, chemical and metal contaminants.

+ Basic filter
+ Basic filter
Basic Filter
with coconut charcoal
and ion-exchange resin

Spout Design

Convienient & contamination-free sipping

Port-less Magnetic Charger

Safe and ultra-waterproof with zero ports

Triple Insulation Technology

Keeps water arctic cold

WAATR PureMax 4D

First stage cleansing: Superpowerful 2X 20mW UV-C LEDs neutralize about any bio-contaminant in its way. 100X more powerful than any other UV bottle.

Second stage cleansing: State-of-the-art filter cartridge system designed to reduce particulate, chemical and metal contaminants.

Third stage mineralization: Proprietary blend of minerals makes your water taste smooth and crisp, just like artesian water.

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    Water contamination rarely entails acute evidence of poisoning, but rather encompasses a gradual and progressive impairment of health.

    At WAATR, our mission is to smartly purify and analyze your drinking water to reduce the long-term toxicity effects of it's contaminants. We go beyond basic purification to not only provide pure, clean, and safe water, but also to show you what's really in it.

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What makes WAATR PureMax 4D the most superior hydration vessel?

Triple Insulation

Keeps contents cold for 24 hrs.

Powerful Cartridge System

Unique blend of coconut and ion-exchange resin filters reduce particulates, chemicals and metals.

Double UV-C LEDs

Exceptional kill rate 99.999999% for bacteria

Minerals for Taste

Unique blend of minerals gives water an artesian taste and feel.

Port-less Charging

Ultimate Waterproofing due to port-less design. There is absolutely no entry point for water to enter into the electronics.

Spout Design

Designed to have zero contact with contaminated water when refilling from questionable water sources

Lifetime Warranty

We engineered PureMax 4D to last a lifetime. We are so confident in our craftsmanship that we are the ONLY brand committed to giving you lifetime warranty.


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Filter Purification
UV Purification
Eradicates bacteria
Eradicates viruses and pathogens
Filters particulate contaminants
Reduces chemical and metals contaminants
Self-cleaning bottle