WAATR: The hardest working water bottles of 2023

As technology advances and our everyday tools become more sophisticated - it seems that even our most outlandish tech dreams are being realised. From our cars to our mobile phones to the homes we live in - our thirst for the most advanced tech around is being quenched by an ever developing market of innovative products...  

WAATR bottles
Innovation in a bottle…a WAATR bottle

With this wave of innovation comes a rise in expectation - so it’s no surprise that we are all demanding more from the products we invest in…including the bottles we drink from.

Multifunctioning water bottles that filter, purify and mineralise

WAATR bottles are a problem solving tech tool, they really do tick every box...

Not only are they the more eco friendly choice - why buy multiple plastic water bottles, when you can buy one multiuse bottle that lasts and does it all? - the PureMax 4D water bottle also filters, purifies and mineralises. What this gives you is clean water that hasn’t been stripped bare of the good stuff. The truth is, WAATR bottles were designed as a solution to the many problems highlighted by our customers:

"I’ve heard alkaline water is good for your health…"

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than tap water. By choosing to drink alkaline water, you can aid your body in returning to a balanced state. The PureMax 4D was designed to bring water back to its most natural state through mineralization -  this proprietary blend of minerals also makes your water taste smooth and crisp, just like artesian water!
WAATR bottles UK.
"I’m using too much plastic…"

This was an easy one - the world produces more than 300 million tons of plastic every year, including billions of plastic bottles. Many products are packaged or bottled in plastic because of its durability, but it is exactly that characteristic that makes plastic such a dangerous threat to our environment. More than three hundred million tons of plastic will be produced this year with more than half of it being thrown out after a single-use. Only a fraction of the plastic produced today is actually recycled while the rest ends up polluting our environment, spreading through our land and oceans like a virus. Single use plastic should be a thing of the past - get a WAATR bottle instead. 

"I want purified water but it gives me a stomach ache…"

Many have claimed that drinking purified water has lead to indigestion, bloating and even stomach ache. If you are finding that your purified water is not working for you - it could be time to switch to a PureMax 4D. Purified water most often means demineralised water. Choosing the PureMax 4D will give you the purified water you want - with the minerals that you need.

"I don’t trust tap water…"

Look, the UK has some of the best drinking water in the world. In fact, most developed countries throughout the world rank pretty highly when it comes to safe drinking water. That said, although the tap water you get in your home has gone  through rigorous checks, it can still contain other contaminants such as microplastics, pesticides, fertilisers, industrial chemicals, hormones, medications...and even contamination from the pipes in your home. WAATR bottles will give you purified water - but for water that has been both purified AND mineralised, opt for the PureMax 4D.

"I’m going travelling and I’ll need access to clean drinking water on the go…"

If you drink filtered water at home, then why risk it just because you are going traveling? Water contamination happens all over the world and if you are going to a country that you are not sure about, risking the tap water may leave you with health issues abroad. Contaminated water from old pipes or simply unsafe drinking water should not be your only option. By bringing a WAATR bottle with a UV purifier for travel, you can avoid buying plastic bottles of water while still ensuring you have clean water.

'Why a UV purifier?  When biological organisms found in water, such as viruses, bacteria, pathogens, etc., are exposed to UV light, the proteins of their cell wall rupture, which kill the microorganisms. UV-C light has been found to have “maximum germicidal efficacy,” and can kill up to 99.9996% of microorganisms such as E. coli. This is why the LYT, CrazyCap, or HydroCap, make the perfect travel companions.' 

"I'm going sailing, but I don't want to drink desalinated water for so long…"

For those who love to go for long trips out on the open sea - you'll know that seawater desalination (the removal of salt and impurities from seawater to produce drinking water) is a must. The problem with desalinated water is that by stripping the water bare, you are left with water that has zero beneficial qualities. For those who want to drink purified seawater but want the minerals that are often stripped away - choosing the PureMax 4D will give you the purified water you want with the minerals that you need.