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  • Founder's Story

    After completing my Ph.D., I worked in the industry for a few years to put my engineering skills to use. My job required me to travel quite a bit, and during this period, I naively preferred bottled water to stay hydrated as it felt safe, and I could not dare to drink water from any other source. At that time, there were no complying solutions that could convince me to switch to more sustainable solutions without the hassle.

    One day, I was in India for a short work trip, and as usual, I got bottled water to quench my thirst. To my bad luck, the bottled water I purchased that day from a local store got me very sick, and I wondered how that was even possible. Digging deeper, I found out that the bottled water I had purchased from the local store was tampered, and it's very common in the region I was in. To my surprise, not only is it common in this region but also in many other third-world countries. I was shocked to notice bottled water tampering was affecting tens of thousands of people across the globe annually. During this period, I also realized how single-use plastic was becoming a threat to the environment. And the need for more sustainable solutions was lacking in this category.

    To solve these issues, I researched many alternatives, but most of the answers I found were neither practical nor environmentally sustainable. I decided to use my engineering skills and designed our first product in 2018, and I named it CrazyCap. The reason I named it "Crazy" is because many of the people I shared my idea with were calling it "Crazy", since the cap is purifying water using just light, with no use of chemicals, filtering materials, or a need to boil water.

    And now, this once crazy idea is providing clean & safe drinking water to over 100,000 people!

    Rakesh Guduru, Ph.D.
    Founder & CEO

  • Our Mission

    It’s our mission to smartly purify and analyze your drinking water to reduce the long-term toxicity effects of its contaminants. We go beyond basic purification to not only provide pure, clean, and safe water, but also to show you what's really in it.

  • Our Vision

    Better water
    Better living
    Better world
    For everyone

    We believe in a world where everyone, everywhere, can access clean, safe, drinking water—to elevate their quality of life in the most sustainable way.

  • Our Values

    Pioneering Double-Purification Technology with UVC and 4D purification.

    Inspiring confidence with your water through great experience, great taste, and premium water vessels.

    All our product claims are backed by rigorous lab tests and certification process to ensure public safety.