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Superior Hydration
Using Science

Powered by cutting-edge 4D Purification™ technology that treats the water first using dual UVC LEDs to break down viruses, bacteria and pathogens; second using a proprietary blend filter cartridge system to reduce metals, chemicals, organic matter, and particulate matter; third using a blend of minerals to add crisp taste-just like artesian water.

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The Trio

We know one filter does not fit all; that's why we developed three different cartridges. 1) Basic filter for the purist, 2) Artesian filter for the idealist, and 3) Alkaline filter for the enthusiast.

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What is 4D- Purification?

4D Purification™ combines traditional filtration with a time-dependent variable. In a conventional filtration system, water gets treated 3-dimensionally as it travels through the filter's X, Y, Z planes with no significant time-dependent variable. In the 4D Purification™ system, the UVC treatment system adds significant time-dependent purification before the water gets further purified 3-dimensionally in the filter cartridge system.


Electron Microscope Image

Filter surface showing the captured organic debris.


Filtration and beyond!

We value the world we live in; that's why at WAATR, our mission is to go beyond purification by providing knowledge and information on contaminants lurking in your drinking water. We do this by studying your used PUREMAX filter cartridges. Simply ship your used filters to our facility; our scientists will analyze them carefully and provide you with a detailed lab report. You can then take a few preventative measures to limit exposure to harmful contaminants if they are present in your source water.


UV-C Purification

Over the years, several scientific studies show the effectiveness of UV light in disinfecting surfaces. More recently, scientists discovered a particular portion of this UV spectrum called UVC has maximum germicidal efficacy. With the very meager power of this UVC, one could disinfect a surface effectively than the traditional high-power UV systems. Our products use this particular region of the UV spectrum to achieve maximum neutralizing effect against a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.

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UVC light breaks the DNA strands by forming thymine dimers

Charcoal/Ion-Exchange Resin Filtration

PUREMAX filter cartridge system consists of a proprietary blend of coconut charcoal and ion-exchange resin. Coconut charcoal is a highly porous organic material designed to capture organic molecules and Chlorine effectively. Ion-exchange resin is a spherical porous bead resin material designed to ex-change Ions (inorganics) in the water for other Ions fixed in the resin. This process is very effective in reducing the hardness of the water.

Contaminated Water
Smartly Purified
Coconut Charcoal and Ion-Exchange Filter Bed
Coconut Charcoal and Ion-Exchange Filter Bed
Organic Chemicals
Disinfectant Byproducts
Inorganic Chemicals
Type of Microorganisms


PUREMAX with other bottles in the market

Features PUREMAX UV Bottle Filter Bottle Regular Bottle
Filter Purification
UV Purification
Eradicates bacteria
Eradicates viruses and pathogens
Filters particulate contaminants
Filters chemical and metals contaminants