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Personalized bottles cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • Powered by an advanced blend of coconut charcoal and ion-exchange resin for filtration.
  • Uses a proprietary blend of minerals to enhance the pH of the water to 9.2.
  • Reduces key contaminants such as Lead, Mercury, Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Benzene, Chlorine (taste & odor).
  • Eliminates particulates and debris.
  • Filters 120 liters of water, which is about 60 days at an average water consumption of 2 liters per day.
  • Compatible with all sizes of PUREMAX bottles.

Premium Hydration

We advocate for a pure and healthy lifestyle that's good for you, your loved ones, and the world. Our bottles make your hydration experience premium, no matter where you are.

The Trio

We know one filter does not fit all; that's why we developed three different cartridges. 1) Basic filter for the purist, 2) Artesian filter for the idealist, and 3) Alkaline filter for the enthusiast.

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We made clean water readily available for fast moving people living in urban cities.
Free yourself from single-use plastic, and switch to sustainable living.

Features PureMax 4D UVC Bottle Filter Bottle Insulated Bottle
Filters Particles, etc.,
Filters Heavy Metals, Chemicals, etc.,
Distroys Bio-contaminates like viruses, bacteria, pathogens, etc.,
Self-Cleaning Bottle
Hydration Reminder
BPA & plastic free

4D Purification

The state-of-the-art 4D purification system featuring two powerful UVC LEDs for purification, plus an advanced modular filter cartridge system that refreshes your water every time you take a swig. Unlike traditional filters that only trap impurities, our 4D purification system destroys bacteria, viruses, and pathogens before they enter the filter cartridge, keeping your water free and clear of anything that could harm you.

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Pro Self-cleaning

Two powerful UVC LEDs self-clean your bottle every hour, keeping the funky smells away and prolong the premium hydration experience.

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Smart Hydration Reminders

A built-in smart hydration reminder will alert you to hydrate intelligently based on your drinking habits.

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15 reasons

Why you need PUREMAX

Over the years, scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of UV light in disinfecting surfaces. Most recently, scientists discovered that a particular portion of this UV spectrum, UVC, has maximum germicidal efficacy. With the very modest power of UVC, you can disinfect a surface more effectively than traditional high-powered UV systems. Our products use this particular UVC region of the spectrum to achieve a maximum neutralizing effect up to 99.999999% against a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.

We know filters are not a "one size fits all". So, we designed the cartridge to be easily interchanged to accommodate a variety of cartridges that we will be introducing in the near future. We designed our first three sets of cartridges to satisfy your thirst: 1) PURIST - filter for the purists,  2) ARTESIAN - filter for the idealists, and 3) ALKALINE - filter for hydration enthusiasts.
The foundation/bed of all three filter cartridges consists of a proprietary blend of coconut charcoal and ion-exchange resin. Coconut charcoal is designed to capture organic molecules and chlorine effectively. Ion-exchange resin is designed to capture ions in water (non-organic). This process is very effective in reducing the hardness of the water.

We value the world we live in. That's why, at WAATR, our mission is to go beyond purification by providing knowledge and information on the contaminants lurking in your drinking water. We do this by studying your used PUREMAX filter cartridges. Simply ship your used filters to our facility. Our scientists will analyze them carefully and provide you with a detailed lab report so that you can take preventative measures to limit exposure to harmful contaminants if they are present in your source water.
Water + Purification + Analytics = PUREMAX

No more funky-smelling bottle. PUREMAX bottle cleans itself by blasting UVC light every hour for 20 seconds each to keep your bottle stink-free.

Thanks to the wide-mouth of the PUREMAX bottle, you can insert objects as big as a cell phone and sterilize them with UVC LEDs in a matter of minutes.  Toss in your dirty cell phone, face masks, keys, utensil, etc., to quickly neutralize the germs lurking on their surface. Perfect for travel and quick on-the-go sanitizing applications.

The PUREMAX bottle performs many functions. With its built-in RGB status indicators, you'll know exactly what it's doing. When it's running low on battery, it will glow RED; when it purifies your water, it will pulse BLUE; when it's reminding you to hydrate, it will pulse GREEN. 

It is vital to drink water daily for optimal health and body function. Water helps regulate body temperature, keeps joints lubricated, helps prevent infections, delivers nutrients to cells, and helps keep organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. With the PUREMAX bottle, the Smart Hydration Reminder will alert you every 30 minutes to take a sip for optimal hydration. It automatically shuts ON/OFF the reminders based on your bottle usage.

After a hot summer day at the park or a killer workout at the gym, nothing feels as rewarding as drinking icy-cold water.  Hydrating with room temperature water is just not as satisfying as a chilled beverage. PUREMAX's wide-mouth bottle makes it easy to add some ice to your water for a refreshingly cold sip of water when you need it most. 

Triple Insulated Design A proprietary vacuum insulation technology keeps contents arctic cold for up to 36 hrs. *Note: Due to the filter cartridge, we don't recommend our bottles for hot contents.

Pro-Grade Stainless Steel Material Pro-grade stainless steel (18/18) is durably constructed and ensures no flavor transfer from the bottle into the water.

Powder Coated Sweat Proof Finish Provides a comfortable and slip-free grip.

One Cap for Any Size PUREMAX Bottle Easier to upgrade bottle sizes based on your water consumption. You can upgrade to any size PUREMAX bottle without a cap. You can always self a few sizes of the PUREMAX bottle,  so you can come back and pick the right size depending on your need.

Our WAATR customers love carrying handles. Almost every user buys an additional handle to help make carrying the bottle easier. That's the reason we designed the handle directly into the cap's structure.  If you are taking a hike or walking in the park, carrying your water bottle will be easier than ever with our convenient rainbow handle.

PUREMAX is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Protecting the battery from water is CRUCIAL, not only for safety, but also to extend the life of the product. To make the PUREMAX bottle completely IPX7 WATERPROOF, we designed the cap to be port-less. There is absolutely no entry point for water to enter into the electronics. The PUREMAX bottle is also equipped with several safety features such as short-circuit protection, over-charge protection, and over-discharge protection to ensure the bottle lasts for years.

The PUREMAX bottle cap is completely re-craftable. We will add life back into your PUREMAX bottle cap by using genuine materials and exceptional craftsmanship so that you can ensure optimal hydration for years to come.

Nowadays, we dispose of everything... There are only a few products that are made to be re-craftable. We designed the PUREMAX bottle cap to be totally re-craftable. Meaning, once you have used it to its maximum potential, you don’t need to throw it away. Just send it back to us and you'll basically get a brand new one back.
Rather than throwing used products away which go into the landfill and create more waste, this is just one way you can ensure sustainable, eco-friendly living.

PUREMAX bottles are TSA preapproved. This means optimal hydration without borders.  Just empty the contents before the security check at the airport, and refill the bottle after the security check. That's all, you are set for your next adventure!

All of the UVC bottles on the market are designed to consume water from the same entry point where the contaminated water entered into the bottle. The position of the UVC LED placement inside the cap makes it impossible to sterilize the bottle mouth, as this region does not fall under the path of UVC LED light. To prevent this, we created an all-new approach where people can consume their water through a spout that NEVER needs to touch contaminated water. This is excellent for people filling up with water from rivers, streams, fountains, lakes, etc.